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Autumn afternoon essentials

Picture the scene. It’s the weekend and you wake up to pouring rain. The weather forecast tells you there might be a dry patch around lunchtime, but otherwise, it’s going to be soggy, grey and red-nose cold.

This means one thing, and one thing alone – an afternoon of family films.

From chunky blankets to our new AV dressers, these are the things that will make living rooms and snugs alike all the more cosy and all the more beautiful.

Dressed to impress
Henley media cabinetry

New to our autumn/winter collection, we extended our Henley family to include a place for all of your media equipment to live. It means that everything is stored safely and sagely behind closed doors making your room feel like a more tranquil space to unwind. Choose from the full dresser to the base cabinet alone.

Huddle closer
Blankets and throws

Every sofa should have something cosy to cuddle under close to hand. We weave our throws using natural fibres like warm wool and super soft cotton so you can wrap yourself in luxury or lay it out over the sofa for everyone to sit under together.

Feet up

Pouffe, footstool, ottoman – any place to rest tired toes is appreciated. Sofa and blanket are a heavenly combination but sofa, blanket and footstool go one step further, allowing you to stretch your legs out and find your comfiest spot. Plus, they double up as a place to pop down a tray of treats and a pot of freshly brewed tea.

A comforting glow
Candle light

Dimly lit lighting and the flickering flames of a candle or two create a setting that’s instantly calming and absolutely cosseting. Some people like the lights off when they’re watching a film, but when it’s still daytime, we prefer to light lots of candles so the room is basking in the softest kind of glow.