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We wanted a design that took its inspiration from the strong angular design of our Sheldrake rectangular table. The strong linear shape and beautiful oak carving was such an individual, show stopping piece that it was time for it to take centre stage. Edinburgh is the result. The collection of consoles and coffee tables has a deep rustic finish that comes from a unique blend of wood stain that is blended and brushed, and finished in our Isoguard treatment. The rustic yet sophisticated character of each piece comes from the carved pillar column legs, slim proportions and slatted shelves.

the perfect finish

7 stages to aged elegance

We created Edinburgh to have a refined, aged look, with a sense of relaxed elegance. To achieve the perfect look for the timber we use a seven-stage process, involving a special brushing and staining technique. The brushing removes soft fibres from the wood, leaving the grain standing proud, which is then highlighted by the staining process.

Edinburgh Dark Vintage Limited Edition

Capturing the drama of timber


Edinburgh’s sophisticated and rustic new finish, Dark Vintage, highlights the natural character of oak in stunning high relief.

Our new Edinburgh finish, Dark Vintage, uses a darker stain and our IsoGuard™ oil to create a distinctive look. Highlighting every ridge, knot and groove of its high-quality oak, Dark Vintage’s rustic look fits perfectly with Edinburgh’s beautiful, classical proportions.

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a unique rustic and sophisticated finish