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The Bowsley is an example of where beauty is found in artisanal imperfection. An earthenware line of crockery, every piece is hand-made and has just the right amount of character. Sophisticated yet informal, the Bowsley adapts to any occasion.

W:8.9cm D:13.8cm H:9cm
W:8.2cm D:13.9cm H:12cm
W:10.9cm D:16.5cm H:16.5cm
W:14.2cm D:21.5cm H:21.5cm
W:16cm D:27cm H:16cm
W:16cm D:16cm H:9cm
W:15cm D:15cm H:8cm
W:25cm D:25cm H:3cm
W:30cm D:30cm H:3cm
W:30cm D:30cm H:10cm
W:29.5cm D:29.5cm H:4.8cm
W:30cm D:30cm H:9.5cm
W:31cm D:31cm H:2cm