Season of the home

Season of the home

The autumn collection

New designs these might be, but you won’t find trends here, just timelessness. These are pieces that reflect nature, that celebrate art and craft, and that consider both utility and beauty.  

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This season, in colour

Changing canopies, berry-strewn hedgerows, heather-drenched moors and misty first light. All the subtleties of the season captured in our new paint and textiles collection. Tap through for inspiration and advice on bringing it into your own home.  

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From our journal

Home stories, decorating advice, behind the scenes insights, nature, culture and even the occasional recipe. In short, inspiration for how to live well awaits… 

Wycombe bench: a balance of beauty and utility

‘William Morris put it brilliantly, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be beautiful or believe to be useful.” At Neptune, we take this a step further with designs that provide beau...

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Touch Story - Faraway Farm  50
Our autumn collection in the making

A country walk was the starting point for the new collection

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Touch Story - Faraway Farm  22
Please do touch

A celebration of touch, its place in design and its influence on our collection

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Ways with Clove

Three colour palette ideas with our newest shade, Clove, at their heart

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