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PR Manager

London – Permanent, full-time

Or possibly part-time...

At Neptune, every one of us cares. About everything really, be it the materials we use or simply about always doing the right thing. Each of us brings a different talent to the table, and together we make beautiful furniture, kitchens, upholstery and all the little things that help to give a home soul.

We're big thinkers at Neptune. We think, and we think, and we think some more before we actually 'do'. We don't believe in plodding, but neither do we believe in rushing. We're somewhere between the tortoise and the hare.

We're a family owned English brand, nestled into the Wiltshire countryside, and almost within the blink of an eye, we've grown to nearly 800 very busy people in our team with operations in many countries. And, we've got big plans too.

The role: PR Manager; a true brand ambassador, communicator and influencer.

No-one will remember how many adverts we place or campaigns we run, but they will recall the impression we make on them. If you can lead us to make that lasting impression, let's talk.

If you're the true expert we're searching for, you'll already know how to help us unfold our fascinating brand story across all our customer touch points. For us, our publicity is a great purifier as it's set in motion public opinion, which we care deeply about.

You: Exceptional! We're looking for someone really rather special.

You'll have lots of great examples to tell us about (within our world of the home-wares and interiors market) of when you've shaped, implemented and delivered well-honed and highly effective omni-channel strategies and programmes. Equally importantly, we'd love to hear about the lasting, positive impact they had.

We'd also love to hear about how you nurture the first class media contacts that you've spent so long working with. Plus, what you think you'll need from us in order for you to be the best you can be.

We want to find someone with talent, experience, a great track record, charisma and without doubt, a very keen sense of humour. Aside from all the work stuff, we'd really like hear about the real you and what makes you tick.

Our stunning self-designed and built HQ is in Wiltshire, but you'll need to be London based for this role. To apply now, please send your up to date CV, covering letter detailing your current salary and anything else you feel would be of interest to us.

We're fortunate to receive hundreds and hundreds of applications every week. You'll never receive an automated response from us - it's something that we find too impersonal - and while we try to respond to every email, the sheer volume sometimes makes that difficult. So, if you don't hear from us within 14 days, this means your application hasn't been successful.

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