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Beauty and the bathroom

A little effort makes a huge difference in this most under-rated room. Apply the same attention to detail as you would in your guest room for the stay of a much-loved friend.

rest easy

Depending on space, position an armchair, bench, dining chair or stool where a bather can rest for a moment and fresh clothes can be laid out. Place something soft underfoot – in a really generous size. Add a lovely mirror, and piles of neatly folded, thick white towels. Finish off with useful baskets full of beautifully decanted potions and lotions, and a generous number of scented candles. Now you really do have a room fit for relaxation.

On a practical note, a peg rail is brilliant for hanging up a bathrobe and towel, and a laundry basket means you don’t have to stare at the pile of dirty clothes you’ve just taken off when you’re trying to relax in the bath.

For a final flourish, add a dramatic orchid or a vase of homely tulips. Nothing beats the real thing but it’s not always practical, especially in bathrooms. So consider instead the easy, instant and endless glory of our incredibly life-like silk flowers and stems.

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