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Give your guests a
Good night's sleep

Christmas is such a special time that when we invite guests to stay overnight, we want them to feel more than just ‘at home’ – we want them to feel really pampered. Of course it’s easier when we have a beautiful guest room, but even if we don’t, there are lots of ways to make an overnight stay really special.
Here’s our checklist…

A tidy, welcoming space...

If the spare room doesn’t get used that often, it’s all too easy for it to become a storage room. So the first job is tidying up; pack away any clutter into a selection of gorgeous wicker baskets that are as useful as they are lovely to look at.

A comfy bed...

Make up the bed with great quality, freshly laundered bed linen. Layer on top a lovely bedspread for extra warmth. Then concertina across the end of the bed a luxurious throw that not only looks gorgeous, but can also be pulled up easily in the night if needed.

Somewhere to sit...

A pretty Madeleine chair or an Arthur footstool will give somewhere to sit down and can multi-task as a place to pile clothes - and presents!

Somewhere to get ready...

A mirror is essential for when styling hair and applying make-up, and it frees up the bathroom sooner for other guests. If the mirror is nowhere near a socket, leave an extension cable in place (the extra sockets will be useful for charging phones, tablets and laptops).

Places to unpack...

If there isn’t room for a bedside table, use a kitchen chair, a little stool, an up-ended storage basket or even a pile of oversized books. Then add: a table lamp, left on to welcome them into their room; a carafe of water and a water glass; a single flower in a bud vase or something festive like a sprig of holly, a mini fir tree or a teeny poinsettia; a tealight in a lovely holder & matches
; a little alarm clock - very useful when phones have run out of charge!

Some home comforts...

Leave out a toweling robe and you create a sense of spa-day luxury. It also means guests feel free to come downstairs, still in their PJs, for a lovely lazy breakfast.

A thoughtful touch...

We don’t have to put out everything on the list, but whatever we do put out will be noticed and the effort alone will be very much appreciated even if none of it is needed or used. Arrange it all beautifully in a wicker basket or on a tea tray.

  • A pretty box of tissues
  • Cotton wool
  • A new toothbrush (it's surprising how many people forget to pack theirs)
  • A shower cap
  • Hand-cream
  • A box of scented tealights and matches (for bath time or to enjoy as they get ready
  • A gorgeously wrapped little package of luxury biscuits or chocolates
  • A little bowl of grapes, sutsumas and a packet of shelled nuts
  • a bottle of delicious dilutable cordial, a large bottle of water & tumblers

Some people simply don’t sleep well when they’re away from home. So any little thing we can do to make them more comfortable will be a huge help.

  • Ear plugs (for their snoring bedfellow, or the noisy people in the next room)
  • An eye mask (for when they’re ready for lights-out but their bedfellow isn’t)
  • Relaxing lavender pillow spray
  • An easy-to-flick-through selection of magazines, colour supplements, cartoon and puzzle books
  • A pad of paper and a pen

The downside of making your houseguests feel so comfortable is that not only will they retire early and get up late, they probably won’t want to leave at all!

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