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White with a touch of... 

White’s the perfect background, and that makes it really easy to add splashes of any other colour.

A white room isn’t plain or boring – it’s alive with a multitude of shades and patterns. When the eye doesn’t have to distinguish between colours, it’s able to discern instead all the beautifully contrasting textures – matte-painted wood, woven wicker, high-shine lacquer, glazed ceramic, a linen lampshade, a knitted throw.

White looks stunning in any style of home, and at any time of year: in spring and summer it reflects all the glorious natural light, and its clean, bright, freshness is the perfect tonic throughout the darker months.

Anyone can decorate with white, and it doesn’t even matter how many different shades of white you have – they’ll all sit beautifully together. Then with whites as the perfect background, it’s easy to add touches or splashes of any other colour.


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