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Autumn in a nutshell

The thing that makes an English home unique is its clever combination of elegance and informality. It is a relaxed, comfortable place where great love and care goes into creating beautiful yet practical rooms. A home with heart and soul, then, rather than a perfectly kept space. A place where the most important consideration is always to create a really warm welcome – our inspiration for this season.

We’ve introduced rich colours and textures that bring nature’s beauty indoors and exude the warmth and welcome we’re so wanting to achieve. And the perfect cold-season fabric to help you create your warm welcome is velvet. Its elegant texture makes it warm to the touch, and in rich colours, like our new Fox and Cranberry, it is really inviting.

Velvet is for everyone. For the quickest fix this season try our double-sided velvet cushions that give you two great looks in one (think palest side for autumn, darkest side for deep winter); buy it by the metre and give your dining-chair seats a makeover or have it made up into a deliciously weighty, draught-excluding front-door curtain; or treat your home to a velvet-upholstered footstool or armchair.

If you fancy making a bigger change, banish cold spaces by warming up a wall or two with our wonderful Chestnut paint. But whatever changes, large or small, you make to your home this autumn, make it the only place you really want to be.

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