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decorations beyond the tree

Tradition is a fabulous source of inspiration. The well-trodden pathways of what’s been done before serves us with ideas that we can trust, ideas that we know well, and ideas that have been enjoyed in our families for generations, making them all the more joyful. But we’re also big believers in creating new traditions. And we find that especially exciting at Christmas. Decorations are there to make us smile, so play with them, think outside the box, and do something that your parents, grandparents and great great great grandparents wouldn’t have dreamed of.

Branch out
The beauty of the evergreen isn’t just its colour, it’s how it can be used in a wealth of ways, from offcuts and twigs, to long-arm branches and full tree form. Suspend a branch using invisible wire and then let hanging decorations bob in a long line like a row of chimes.

The humble bauble
Works wonders away from the tree. Hang them in a cluster with some festive foliage to hook from seat backs and door knobs.

Neve baubles in Mustard, Grey and Clear, Aurelia Gold bauble

Comfort in candles
Simple tealights hammocked in a pretty teardrop vessel, woody festive holders that create Christmas silhouettes around the home, coloured pillar candles within pine cone-filled hurricane lanterns.

Candles are one of the most simple Christmas decorations that can be presented in so many different shapes, sizes, colours and compositions. There’s a place for them in every room of your home, and they’re the tool that will help to spread Christmas cheer to every single corner.

Light up
A single strand of fairy lights or a few in a sugar-strand nest are just perfect for filling a glass jar. Go for a battery powered option like Grosvenor so there’s no need to worry about plug and socket.


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