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Five designs

December is dawning. So before our minds enter into full-on Christmas mode, we look at five of the designs that every home will be thankful for having to hand during the festive period. But hurry, our Christmas delivery is only available until 19th December...


The console

We love: Arundel.

A console table is slim enough that it doesn’t encroach on floor space too heavily; it’s surprising how many unused spots in your home can take one on. They work as display areas and a place to serve food, think a miniature bar or Christmas canapé station.


The occasional chair

It’s a fact: there are never enough seats in the house at Christmas. An occasional chair solves this perennial dilemma, by providing a compact perch that translates to almost any room so it can be moved about as and when you need it to.

We love: Madeleine.

It’s cute, it’s compact, and it’s a classic. This little slipper chair can be brought into the living room post-Christmas lunch to provide an extra place to sit back, and will gladly move back into the bedroom as a dressing chair when your guests have gone.


The spare bed

Our unoccupied bedrooms often become a storage hub, a home office, or a playroom, but when you’ve run out of space for your guests to sleep, it needs to return to its original role. Cue the spare bed.

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We love: Chichester.

This bedstead is traditional in style but not without character. If you have the room, go for the double, but the single is still the loveliest place to doze.


The floor lamp

Extra lighting to create atmosphere throughout the day is appreciated all the more on special occasions. A table lamp can take up valuable surface space where drinks could otherwise be rested, so we always suggest a floor lamp to create a comforting glow without getting in the way of things.

We love: Brompton.

The rounded contours of this statement floor lamp contrast with the sleekness of its chrome finish so it works surprisingly well in homes contemporary and traditional.


The Christmas candle

We end things on a small and simple note. Just like the floor lamp, candles at Christmas are there to help you create the softest lighting scheme, but those that carry a lightly spiced scent work twice as hard.

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We love: Bronte.

Available as a single and a three-wick candle, the wax within this glass vessel is laced with nutmeg notes. The aroma is Christmas through and through, but not so much that it will overpower. It lingers, it intermingles with the smell of good festive roasting, and it’s the final piece for setting your Christmas scene.

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