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The Guide: where to shop this November

We love to shop. We have our firm favourites but we equally adore finding hidden gems and disclosing our newly-discovered secrets with each other on a Monday morning. So we decided to start The Guide – a monthly edition to our blog where we reveal our hush-hush haunts.

Share them selectively, you wouldn’t want just anyone finding out…

Edition #6

The foodie supplement

Good food is something we really care about. Food that’s nourishing, the right amount of healthy, and is just as enjoyable to prepare as it is to eat. And while it’s something to be enjoyed day-in, day-out, all year long, we find ourselves getting a real rush of excitement and appreciation for gastronomy when the seasons change. In late spring and early summer we fall in love all over again with colourful salads, in winter we devour festive feasts, and in autumn we long for all the things that feel hearty, warming, and occasionally a little bit naughty.

Seeing as it’s November, we decided for this edition of The Guide, we’d share some of the places whose food stores we raid when we enter hibernation mode. Tuck in.

A few words

Rococo describes itself as being a magical emporium of luxury chocolate. Its very first boutique opened on the Kings Road in London and three decades on, there are now three further little shops and its founder has written five books. The brand is loved for its ethically sourced products, high-grade cocoa and exploration of flavour.

Product pick

Plain organic drinking chocolate. We adore a hand-warming mug of hot chocolate on an autumnal afternoon, and nothing quite beats Rococo. They use flakes of 70% organic dark chocolate, blended with a touch of cocoa powder. Take a peek at their website for their favourite three ways to drink it.

A few words

This teeny, clean food brand echoes many of the values that you hear from the likes of Deliciously Ella and Madeleine Shaw. Using her degree in homeopathy, Primrose devises recipes and wholesome products that are centred on nutrition, plant-based ingredients and balance.

Product pick

Organic porridge oats. Gluten free, wheat free, organic, the list goes on. These porridge oats are full of goodness and are our go-to breakfast when it’s chilly outside. Plus, we know you’re not meant to judge a book by its cover, but we love the pretty packaging too.

A few words

This organic farm shop is one of our all-time favourite brands. From food to flowers, we’re big fans of almost everything they make. Their food hall is full of home-grown organic produce that encompasses fresh fruit and vegetables, a delicatessen counter, and shelf upon shelf of delectable pantry cupboard essentials.

Product pick

Organic butternut squash, honey & sage soup. As much as possible, we’ll make our own soups, but when time is tight, a Daylesford soup is always our number one choice. Their soup pouches are made by hand in small batches within the farm kitchen. The pea & mint concoction is a close second.

A few words

This 50-acre, all grass, family-run farm close to Exeter is a real need-to-know for meat lovers. They rear their own livestock but also team up with other small-scale family farms in Devon and Somerset to produce their food in the most sustainable, ethical and wholesome way possible. They’re also big believers in the slow food movement, feeding their animals the right diet and letting them grow at a natural pace. The quality of the meat is second-to-none, as is their story of quality and provenance.

Product pick

Wellness Box. Not only can you buy items individually at Piper’s Farm, but you can also go for one of their pre-prepared ‘meat boxes’. Inside the wellness box is a selection of lean, nutrient-rich cuts for making scrumptious suppers on winter nights.

See you in December for our Christmas gift guide x

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