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Rain watching

The pitter-patter of raindrops is a sound that soothes. It’s like a lullaby. There are apps dedicated to ‘rain experiences’, listened to people worldwide while sleeping, studying and simply relaxing. Then there’s the spectacle of watching rain trickle down window panes. Droplets chase each other downwards and sideways across the glass, turning into miniature streams. It’s transfixing. It’s the truest form of a rain dance.

Autumn is beginning to settle in. Winter is starting to stir. Before long, rain will become even more present in our day to day. Sometimes it will come in torrents, cascading downwards and hammering on our roofs with all its might. Other times it will be more graceful, falling in fine strands that move as silently as a ballerina does on tiptoes. And when this happens, we’ll try to find some happiness in it. We’ll rest elbows on window sills with our chins cupped in our hands and watch. We’ll run from the street to seek shelter somewhere close by and do our best to accept that for now, all that can be done is to wait, to bear witness, to weather the storm, and to try to enjoy this unplanned moment of calm. We’ll gaze out of train windows and be thankful that we’re inside. Safe, warm, and soothed.

Rain watching. Try it and you might find you see the season in a whole new light.

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