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How to: make the perfect bedspread

On Sunday 11th September, we were very happy to find out it was 'make your bed' day. A national day event that, frankly, we like to celebrate, every day of the year. Maybe that's just us, but a bedroom's aesthetic is made by not just a beautiful bed and decadent linen, but how the two are brought together. In a few simple steps, this is how we make a perfect bedspread day-in, day-out.

Left: Sophie bed sheets & pillowcases. Right: Harriet bed sheets & pillowcases.

Step one

It all starts with the right bed linen.

For us, it has to be a few things:

- Egyptian cotton: the world's finest cotton. Superiorly soft and strong, it's hand-picked rather than by a machine so the fibres are as pure as they can be. There's no softness quite like it.

- A high thread count: this means the number of threads in each square inch of the fabric. Typically, the higher the thread count, the more luxurious (and expensive) your bed linen will be.

- Simple: nothing beats white. We like to create a pure and simple backdrop so we can play with colour and pattern through blankets, cushions and even an upholstered headboard.

Step two

Duvet and pillows.

There are so many options out there, but unless you're an allergy sufferer, we always suggest choosing feather and down for duvets and pillows. They lend a bed a sumptuous and squishy look and feel that's quite impossible to resist. Not only that, feather and down fillings are the cosiest and the softness; down is a great temperature regulator too with Hungarian and Canadian being the most luxurious options.

When it comes to pillow talk though, be sure to find a pillow that supports and suits your sleeping position. If feather and down isn’t supportive enough, you can still create a beautiful bedspread with a memory foam or microfibre pillow. They’ll lend it a firmer-looking appearance, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It will mean your bedding is pulled taut, smooth and crisp.

Step three

The layout.

There are many ways of doing this, but the look we generally prefer involves peeling back about 20-30cm of the duvet at the top of the bed. To us, it relaxes the scheme ever-so-slightly and adds extra height at the top so it appears even more thick and fluffy.

In terms of pillows, try mixing the standard rectangular form (at least two of these, or even four) with two (large) square pillows on top. Not only do the square-shaped pillows offer variance, but they become your 'show' pillows that dress your bed with a crisp and clean look, hiding the crinkled lines of the pillows you sleep on beneath. It's the cheat's way of always having a perfectly-pressed bedspread. Alternatively, pop your square pillows behind and use those to sleep on, with your rectangular pillows becoming the showcase.

Left: Francis bed & George headboard in Angus Flint. Right: Larsson bed.

Step four

Add layers.

This is the part where you get to play with colours and different textures.

A blanket is a real must. Choose one in a colour to complement the rest of the room's colour palette, or be subversive and select one that provides contrast. You can leave it at one blanket, perhaps one in a lightweight cotton or pale cashmere for spring and then swap it for a heavy-knit for winter months. Or, go for two end-of-bed blankets instead, varying either the texture or the tone. How you lay them out is entirely dependent on whether you want a pristine finish or one that's well-considered but ever so slightly relaxed. If it's the former, then tuck the ends of the blanket beneath the mattress so it stays firmly in place and pulled taut. If it's the latter, lay it much more loosely so the fabric has a wave to it, and then leave the second blanket draped over the foot of the bed.

Layers aren't just about extra fabric though, they're about building up a look. So don't forget cushions either. They can be used in addition to your sea of pillows or instead of (think two rectangular pillows laid flat with a pretty square cushion propped up in front.)

Done. And all within a matter of minutes.

Happy bed making!


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