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City chic

Modern contemporary design is the wonderful layering of past and present that anchors you firmly in the now.

It is no coincidence that the most influential modern architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles and Ray Eames or Le Corbusier, all shared the same aesthetic. From the 1920s, modern homes started offering clean lines, simple proportions, open plans and an abundance of natural light.

Large expanses of glass and flat or shallow pitched roofs starting popping up everywhere, and a strong connection to outdoor space and spare, unadorned walls became a distinguishing characteristic. Creative open floor plans, a move towards function and practicality, a love of all things linear and a focus on materials, became the mode du jour.

Whether we live in a traditional country cottage or a cutting edge modern apartment, it is more than likely our home has been influenced by these principles. Yet, we are lucky enough to be able to reconcile the contemporary design ethos with a more approachable decorating style. Whereas early modernists were waging war with tradition, we can happily marry modern materials and craft, and clean lines with organic, curved forms to give a more pleasurable, emotional appeal. These are designs that show us the way forward as well as where we came from. 

So while we can celebrate our new sense of space and light, we can also play with sculptural forms such as the striking silhouette of a lamp, we can design deeply sophisticated interiors in subtle colours, use timeless accessories paired with clean furniture design, and enjoy cutting edge technologies alongside classical furnishings.


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