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Country living

There is a timeless appeal to the pared back simplicity of a beautifully designed country home.

It is a confident yet modest, natural and historical style statement that is quintessentially British. It is an elegant celebration of local, organic materials with a deep-rooted sense of cultural tradition.

There are no sleek chrome cupboards or highly polished lacquer worktops. You are more likely to find an elegant sideboard or beautifully made oak table than a formica cupboard. There is an appreciation and understanding of materiality. Beautiful accessories, furniture and furnishings reflect a desire for integrity and longevity. Skilled glass blowing techniques, a celebration of English carpentry traditions and the use of limestone floors, granite worktops and marble bathroom countertops are all signature country classics.

Traditional shaker style tables and button down chairs look comfortable alongside crisp linens and soft checks, whilst Chesterfield sofas are matched gracefully with English throws and wool rugs.

There is a comfortable confidence to this look, which is very easy to live with: a mix of old and new, of tradition with innovation. It is a nod to tradition, yet is gracefully chic, so you can celebrate our cultural heritage happy in the knowledge you are actually bang up to date.


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