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Create the perfect home office

Creating a home office seems a bit too much like an oxymoron to us.

Who wants to do work at home? We all know that there are times when our working lives can take over and we need a clear and tranquil space to think. So, we've collated our top ten tips on how to create a home office you actually want to work in!

1. Personalise your working space with photographs of loved ones, holidays and happy memories. It'll make it easier to spend time here.

2. People are like beautiful, budding flowers - we need natural light to produce our best work. Invest in a good desk lamp if natural light is at a minimum.

3. A tidy space makes for a tidy mind. Clear your work surface from clutter with clever storage. If space is at a premium, try open shelving like our Buckland Floating Shelf.

4. Paint your room in tranquil and earthy tones. You want your home office to reflect a peaceful and calm ambience, without bright and gareish colours distracting you.

5. Adding cushions and throws will add texture to the room, making it a warmer and more comfortable working space.

6. Introduce some plant life. We don't mean to start growing a greenhouse, but adding the odd orchid or fresh bunch of flowers will give your space a new lease of life (we've also read that it makes people happier!)

7. Keep supplies at reach. Being organised will save so much time and helps keep your mind clear and free for more important things.

8. Dual function furniture works wonders for those who are tight on space. Try our Chichester Workstation, where you can tidy away your keyboard, store your computer, and stash any paperwork behind closed doors. Perfect if your sitting or dining room acts as your home office every once in a while!

9. It's the little things in life that count, so introduce a subtle fragrance to help make your space feel more comfortable. Try our Bronte and Christie scented candles to calm and soothe you.

10. Sometimes getting out of bed can be the hardest part. If you're more likely to prop up your pillow and pull out your laptop, just make sure you've got the luxury bed linen to make it that much easier! Take a look at our 500 thread count egyptian cotton Sophie bed linen.


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