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All there is to know about IsoGuard®

IsoGuard® is our innovative protective treatment that we use for almost all the unpainted timber in our collection, including outdoor teak pieces. A natural oil-based treatment, it penetrates the wood and bonds with each fibre to provide protection at a molecular – rather than just a surface – level. That means hat it helps the timber stand up to stains without affecting its beautiful and natural appearance.

Living with IsoGuard®

IsoGuard® is designed to repel spilt liquids (anything from water to wine and fruit juice) for up to four hours, usually stopping the stain from setting in during this time and giving you a chance to wipe clean. Nevertheless, because of the unpredictable nature of natural timber, we’d recommend you wipe up any spills as soon as you can; every piece is unique and may stain more quickly than another. If you do get a stain, apply the correct IsoGuard® stain removal treatment as soon as you can.

Because IsoGuard® protects at a molecular level it is also a very fine coating. Where you use a surface regularly or clean it often it is a good idea to refresh to maintain the protection at its best.

For all your IsoGuard® pieces, you’ll find everything you need to look after the timber on our aftercare page, from everyday cleaning solutions and formulas designed to remove watermarks and oily stains, to retreatment oils. For more timber care advice please refer to our care guides.

The finishes

As IsoGuard® is oil-based, it slightly affects the original colour of the timber. So, we add pigments that are designed to either colour correct or to add an additional tint. There are four main IsoGuard® finishes in our collection that we use on our oak pieces, each one carefully considered to give a timeless look (each design comes in one, or sometimes a choice of two, of the finishes).

Natural Oak

This one does just what you’d expect: it corrects the effects of the oil and returns the oak as close as possible to its natural, softly-hued honey colour, carefully avoiding any of the orange tones that are sometimes associated with ‘natural’ oak.

Seasoned Oak

Just as if the oak has gracefully weathered over time, this finish lends it a very subdued silvered look.

Chalked Oak

The lightest of our oak IsoGuard® finishes, Chalked Oak mimics the look of timber that has been subtly limewashed.

Darkened Oak

A much more dramatic look in comparison to the others, Darkened Oak is our take on the deep, rich polish often seen on antique pieces, but with the same matt appearance as the other IsoGuard® finishes.

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