Get a free sink cabinet when you spend £8,000 on kitchen cabinetry.

We’re also saying goodbye to some of our designs with up to 40% off.

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Clearing the decks

Some of the designs that have been used and loved as part of our store's displays have at least 20% off. It's so that we can make way for a bit of a refresh to start the new year.

Turnberry Coffee Table
Turnberry Console Table, Large
Balmoral 6-10 Seater Extending Dining Table
Henley Chair, Hugo Millet, Pale Oak Legs
Shoreditch Chair, Hugo Millet, Pale Oak (set of two)
Long Island Medium Sofa , Pale Oat, Pale Oak Legs
William Armchair, Hugo Buckwheat, Pale Oak Legs
Wardley Dining Chair, painted
Painted in: Smoke
Wardley Bar Stool - Shingle
Painted in: Shingle
Rupert Stool, Harris Tweed Bircher, Pale Oak Legs
Chichester Original Wardrobe
Painted in: Shell & Shingle
Henley Side Table
Harrogate 6 Seater Dining Table
Painted in: Driftwood
Suffolk High Back Bar Stool, Seasoned Oak
Suffolk High Back Bar Stool
Painted in: Shell
Suffolk Chair, Natural Oak
Tresco Armchair
Mowbray Chair, Elliot Granite, Vintage Oak Legs
Cadiz Dining Chair
Caspar Armchair
Larsson Bedroom Chair, Holkham Sand
Painted in: Antique Salt
Aldwych Rectangular Side Table, Warm Black
Aldwych Rectangular Side Table
Painted in: Snow
Edinburgh Square Side Table
Long Island Dining Chair, Natural
Carter Stool
Carter Bench
Chichester Bedside Cabinet, Left
Painted in: Shell & Shingle
Chichester Open Bedside Cabinet
Painted in: Shell & Shingle
Carter Nest of 2 Tables
Blenheim Low Side Table
Manhattan Coffee Table
Henley 5ft Glazed Dresser
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