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Clearing the decks

Some of the designs that have been used and loved as part of our store’s displays are looking for a new home and are a little less than usual. It’s so we can make way for our new collection come September.

River Thames, Chelsea Bridge print
River Thames, Chelsea Embankment print
Ravenhead 87x140cm Mirror
Tolsey Loop Pile Rug, Flint Grey
Sheldrake Chair, Hugo Hugo Millet, Pale Oak Legs
Whytock Rug 170x240cm, Cobble
Edinburgh Round Mirror, 96cm
Lottie Sofa Medium, Harry Mortar, Dark Oak Legs
Amelia Armchair, Millet, Pale Oak Legs
Cullingworth Rug 170x240cm - Grey
Dominic Armchair, Chloe Trellis, Pale Oak Legs
Wardley Dining Chair, painted
Painted in: Flax Blue
Caledonia print, Grouse
Caledonia print, Scottish Hills
Paris Place Camille Claudel print
Eloise Ottoman - Chloe Denim
Shoreditch Sofa Large, Hugo Spelt, Pale Oak Legs
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