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Our home design service

Your Neptune home

Home design is an easier, less overwhelming way to bring interior design into your home. Together, we’ll gather ideas, figure out what colours and concepts, layouts and lighting, fabric and furniture makes you happiest, and edit down inspiration to create a scheme that’s your very own version of a Neptune home.

Meet your designer

It all begins with some one-on-one time with one of our designers at your local Neptune store.

If it looks like your nearest Neptune home isn’t on the list below, rest assured it’ll be coming very soon…

How it works

1. Your complimentary creative consultation

This is where you’ll talk us through your ideas, wishes and wants. You and your designer will look through our collections in store to start painting a picture of what you love and what you don’t, so we can find your home’s creative direction.

It’ll last between 6090 minutes and it’s free of charge.

2. At-home design visit

If you decide to go ahead, you'll need to pay the design fee, we’ll then come to your home to have an in-depth design session lasting several hours. We’ll dive into colour palettes, samples and textiles, but also consider layouts and take measurements, before we go away to start scheming.

3. Design presentation

Around two weeks later (or slightly longer if we're designing more than one room), you’ll come back in to see us. We’ll reveal your moodboard, sample board, a detailed quote and a to-scale sketch, ready to look at together and make any design tweaks.

4. Design day

The big day. We’ll take care of everything, making sure that it all arrives in your home in one swift delivery, setting up each and every piece and styling it all for you so that you needn’t lift a finger. All there’ll be left for you to do is sit back and enjoy it.

Costs and calculations

The whole service – from concepts to the home visit and final room design – costs £300.

If you decide to do extra rooms, each one after is just £200.

But if you spend over £5,000 on our collections in your room’s design, we’ll send you £300 in gift vouchers – perfect for popping back for any extra accessories that you’ve got your eye on or to keep safe for a future project.

Get gathering

Explore some of the core parts of your room design, ready to share which collections you want to bring into your home with your Neptune designer.


Have a peek at some of the home stories from Neptune people across the country to see how they made our designs their own.

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