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Our autumn 2017 collection


Tables, cabinetry and bookcases

W:53cm, D:26.5cm, H:53cm
W:100cm, D:35cm, H:75cm
W:140cm, D:40cm, H:80cm
L:40cm, D:40cm, H:40cm
L:120cm, D:60cm, H:45cm
L:110cm, D:110cm, H:43cm
L:120cm, D:120cm, H:45cm
28+ colours W:102.5cm, D:45cm, H:75cm
28+ colours W:122cm, D:51cm, H:75cm
Henley4ft TV Dresser
from  £2,800
28+ colours W:131cm, D:49cm, H:209cm
W:120cm, D:65cm, H:91cm
W:70cm, D:38cm, H:190cm
W:100cm, D:38cm, H:190cm
W:60cm, H:82.5cm
W:92cm, H:82.5cm
L:50cm, D:36cm, H:45cm
L:150cm, D:36cm, H:45cm
L:250cm, W:95cm, H:75cm


OliviaSofa, Grand
from  £2,575
61 fabrics W:225cm, D:110cm, H:88cm
OliviaSofa, Empress
from  £2,675
61 fabrics W:245cm, D:110cm, H:88cm
52 fabrics W:287cm, D:162.5cm, H:82cm
51 fabrics W:287cm, D:162.5cm, H:82cm
52 fabrics W:298cm, D:193cm, H:82cm
52 fabrics W:298cm, D:193cm, H:82cm
ShoreditchCorner Sofa
from  £4,255
53 fabrics W:280cm, D:280cm, H:82cm
from  £735
60 fabrics W:81cm, D:80cm, H:83cm
ShoreditchDining Chair
from  £260
61 fabrics W:47cm, D:60.2cm, H:86cm
ShoreditchCarver Chair
from  £340
61 fabrics W:60cm, D:60.2cm, H:86cm

For the bathroom

W:64cm, D:55.5cm, H:96.5cm
W:64cm, D:55.5cm, H:96.5cm
W:100cm, D:55.5cm, H:96.5cm
W:149cm, D:55.5cm, H:96.5cm
W:149cm, D:55.5cm, H:94.5cm
28+ colours W:50cm, D:42.5cm, H:72.5cm
28+ colours W:50cm, D:42.5cm, H:72.5cm
W:6.1cm, D:6.1cm, H:6.1cm
W:18cm, D:9cm, H:9cm
W:66.1cm, D:6.1cm, H:7.2cm
W:21.2cm, D:6.1cm, H:23cm
W:350mm, D:180mm, H:81mm
W:116mm, D:273mm, H:373mm
W:250mm, D:194mm, H:112mm
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