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The Collector’s Edition

Autumn/winter 2017 at Neptune bottles the essence of the Great British library. We explore ways in which we can achieve an element of its historic refinement and cossetting warmth in every aspect of the home. It might be considering how to decorate using books be it a wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor display or surprise stacks from room to room. It might be walls and woodwork painted in deep teal, accented with brass, that transports minds to images of heritage banker’s lamps in wood-panelled rooms. It might be layer upon layer of textiles from sofas to cushions to throws that long to be curled up on with your favourite read.

    The season also sees existing design families grow and mature, encouraging us to curate our own personal collections. And we dream up new ones so that unread design chapters can be opened.

    This is The Collector’s Edition.
    Let your home make its own history.

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Key colours

Furniture will always be a huge part of who we are and what we design, but colour, textiles, lighting and accessories for the whole home are just as much a part of our collections.

This season, we welcome Teal – our signature shade for the season – and five new textiles, including our first-ever plaid.

Teal paint
Available now

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Fabric by the metre
Available now

Stories volume V

A year on from our first volume, the fifth edition of our lifestyle magazine, Stories, is here.  Sign up to receive your free copy.

On the journal

Five new articles to open the season.

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