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Our spring collection.

Design ideas come to us all the time. So, twice a year, we launch a new collection in line with the seasons. They’re where fresh thought and our timeless approach come together in perfect symphony.

This season, in colour

Two new shades. Each one sophisticated, subtle and soft, and each in balance with the other.

Old Rose is inspired by the fading petals of a classic English Rose and makes a room feel calm and comfortable.

Driftwood is from our existing palette, but we’ve cooled it down to allow its natural pink base to peek through.

Our latest linens

Chloe comes in two shades – Ash and Old Rose. It has a beautifully heavy weight and because it’s stonewashed, it’s incredibly soft with a luxurious drape.

Rebecca is a giant ikat-style print on unbleached linen with just a touch of cotton woven in. It’s intricate and full of character. It’s brave yet relaxed.

Emma’s cabbage rose motif is such a loved print that we’ve made it a part of each of our seasons. Though this time coloured in the palest pink.

A love story

Olivia is one of our most elegant seating collections. It’s pretty, refined, and has a romance to it.

It’s why we felt a loveseat would be the perfect addition to its family of sofas and armchairs.

Suffolk. Refreshed. Restored.

Suffolk is a collection that’s known and loved for its simplicity. Its pared-back nature lets it act as a blank yet beautiful canvas.

But we felt that we could help Suffolk to be better still.

This spring sees Suffolk in a new colour palette. It sees some of its details have been refined a little further. It sees more than a few new ideas come to life...

Work. Rest. Play.

This season, we’ve also spent more time thinking about creative workspaces in our homes.

New pieces such as the Hebden trestle table and Milo drum stool come together to form a surprisingly comfortable place to work from home, to write out letters and greetings cards, or to even sit with a newspaper and puzzle.


Herston is our new collection of refined occasional tables.

Each one shares the same two defining features – a combination of pure oak and honed Carrara marble, and the distinctive X-shaped sides that denote strength but make it feel less heavy on the eye.

From petals to potting

Each season we head to our Great British hedgerows and meadows to recreate stems and sprigs in the most life-like way possible. Our latest harvest includes hand-painted dahlias, tulips and poppies as well as terracotta pots coated in slow-grown moss so they feel suitably aged.

Stems    Greenery     Pots

Into the garden

And it wouldn’t be spring (nor summer when it arrives), without venturing out into the green…

The garden collection


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Wall accessories





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