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Spring storage solutions

Spring has arrived, and it's finally time to start clearing out our homes and preparing for summer. It's time to look at ways we can reorganise our homes, finding a place for those winter throws to live for the next six months, and store away our woolly jumpers and scarves we'll be discarding with such delight.

We're all about a smooth running home with well-planned storage, making the most of every corner of our home and keeping it looking carefully considered at the same time.

Bring back the laundry room

We now expect our kitchens and utility rooms to serve a complex array of functions from catering to social hub, workstation to play time. Thinking ahead will give you the storage space you need whilst making the design aesthetic pleasingly clean and crisp.

Utilitarian spaces such as laundry rooms and boot rooms seldom receive the attention they deserve — which is odd when you consider how often they're used. Built in cabinets will squeeze the most space out of your room so consider installing a combination of blind corner cabinets to cutlery drawers with dividers for the smaller storage.

Find space for as many cupboards and drawers as you have room for, then fill any empty wall space with our floating shelves or Suffolk coat rack. An open shelf is a great place to store all your vases where they’re safely out of the way but easy to see and choose from. Our Suffolk coat rack is so much more useful than its name suggests. Available in 3ft, 4ft and 6ft, and in any one of our 30 paint colours, you can use it in just about any room, and its charming pegs are the perfect home for anything from saucepans to scissors, bathrobes to bangles.

Wicker solutions 

A selection of lovely open baskets can keep mail, shopping bags, umbrellas and sports kits under control, while the items themselves are still visible and within easy reach. Choose baskets all from the same collection so there’s a cohesive look even if the sizes and contents differ. Our really sturdy Somerton baskets come in 14 different shapes and sizes, and the lovely natural willow injects warm, rustic texture wherever you use them.

If mixing and matching is your thing, our new Petherton oval baskets have a delicate band around the centre, creating a more interesting design. The Ashcroft family of baskets is full of different shapes and sizes to provide you with enough storage for your whole home.

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