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The oak kitchen

Why oak?

Oak is the hardwood to end all hardwoods – for us at least. But we expect, as you’re here, it is for you too.

That’s because it’ll look more than good in your home: there’ll be the odd knot here and the odd change in wood grain there, which means no two pieces (and therefore no two kitchens) will ever look quite the same.

Oak will add warmth and texture wherever you use it. But in the kitchen – which, with all its hardware and appliances, can feel a little cold – it can really make a difference to how welcoming your space feels.

Using oak in the kitchen

Just a hint

In accessories like chopping blocks, as accents in your cupboards like oak interiors over painted, for open shelving, as a work surface…there are lots of little and larger ways you can add oak to your kitchen.

Our Buckland floating shelves and Orford cabinet accessories are all made from natural oak, while the oak interiors of our Suffolk and Limehouse kitchens mean it comes as a lovely surprise when you peer inside.

And, you can choose from two types of oak with our worktop service – full stave North American oak or shorter stave European oak.


When you really want to give your space classic character, use oak for your cabinetry.

That’s where Henley comes in: it’s the only one of our four kitchen collections where you can choose to have the outside of your cabinets made from oak – exposed, natural, beautiful North American oak.

It’s also the one where you can pair the oak with painted timber cabinetry in your choice of over 28 shades, in case the top-to-toe look isn’t quite right for you.

And, it combines all that with a design that you can make traditional, contemporary or anything in between depending on the handles and hardware, the work surface (choose from marble, granite, oak or quartz) and the way you style it.

See Henley for yourself

You can find out more about Henley on our website or in our free kitchen brochure, but nothing beats seeing it in store.

You won’t just see a few cabinets, almost every Neptune store has Henley designed in-full so you get a real feel for every aspect. You’ll also be able to explore our other collections to see which one’s right for you.

Our stores are the place to book your consultation with one of our kitchen designers too. It’s a free and thorough service that lasts about 90 minutes and helps you put all your ideas, wants and needs onto paper to begin to bring together your dream kitchen.

Why Neptune

From the thoughtful details that make your kitchen work better for you, to the dependable materials and expert joinery that mean we can guarantee that a Neptune kitchen will last a lifetime.

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