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Shoreditch Sofa, Large

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Shoreditch Sofa, Large
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A closer look at Shoreditch

Shoreditch is the most contemporary sofa in our collection, and is naturally at home in modern spaces. But, you can also use it where you want to add an element of contrast to a traditional room or period home. Its neat, streamlined looks also mean it’s a good choice for small spaces too.


For such a square-shaped sofa, Shoreditch is surprisingly soft. That’s thanks to the core of soft foam in the centre of the seat cushions surrounded by channels of feather and fibre (the channels help stop the filling from moving, like in a duvet), as well as the back cushions filled with feather and down.

Comfort & proportions

Shoreditch does have a low back – which gives it its contemporary look and means it doesn’t take over a small space – but because the seat is quite low too, and because the arms are high, it still feels cosy.

Shape & silhouette

This is a very contemporary and angular sofa, from the back and arms that stand at the same height, to the architectural oak legs. But small details – like the slight curve on the front corner of the arm – soften this so it’s still timeless.

Design detail

The piping on Shoreditch adds extra tailoring and gives it a smart finish that highlights its neat structure. And for more elegance, the legs are tall, slim and tapered.

Will it fit?
Will it fit? View our guide
  • Width200cm
  • Depth87cm
  • Height75cm
  • Seat height49cm
  • Arm height52cm
  • Seat width174cm
  • Seat depth50cm

Fabric notes

The textiles in our fabric library range from pure linen to rich velvet and wool, and each one has its own character. Tone and texture can vary slightly from thread to thread, and expect to see the occasional slub in our linens and pile movement in our velvets. We’ve written an article about the personality behind each of our fabrics so that you can figure out which one best suits your home.

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And, rest assured, all the feathers and down in our cushion fillings come from ethical, cruelty-free sources.

Sometimes colour between batches can vary ever-so-slightly. To be on the safe side, we’d advise buying pieces that are being used in the same room in one go.

You might notice ‘marks’ on the velvet when it comes out of its packaging or after you’ve lent on it. They happen when you flatten the fibres and are a completely normal characteristic of velvet – they’re all part of the way it ages. But if you’d prefer, you can use a velvet brush to push the pile back into place.

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