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The garden furniture guide
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The garden furniture guide

Cover with care

No matter how hardy, all your outdoor furniture will fare better if you cover it or, even better, bring it inside over the winter.

If you do decide to cover it though, it’s important you use a breathable cover so your efforts don’t go to waste. Sometimes you can accidentally create a microclimate beneath the tarpaulin, where condensation is kept inside and rust and rot are encouraged – the exact opposite of what you set out to do.

Chatto and Lloyd Loom in your garden

Our Chatto seating collection’s the only one that doesn’t use all-weather wicker. Instead, it’s made using the traditional British craft of Lloyd Loom, where paper’s wrapped around a steel wire, woven over a frame and painted.

It’s not as chunky as all-weather wicker, which means you might prefer Chatto if you want a more delicate look. But, as strong as it is (it won’t bend out of shape), it really does need some protection from the weather and you shouldn’t leave it outdoors all year long. This is more of a collection for bridging the gap between indoors and out – just the thing for orangeries and sun rooms.