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A festive feast for the senses

Delicious food, happy chatter, lovely crockery, elegant glassware and dancing candlelight
– treat your guests to a festive feast for their senses and leave them with a magical memory they’ll cherish for years to come.

From outside

Wrap-up warm and head out into the garden. It may look a bit drab out there, but there are rich pickings once you know what can be achieved with it all. If you want to recreate our bough (in the picture below), look for a suitable branch of something deciduous. Then scout around for winter foliage and anything else that looks interesting: twisted hazel stems, statice, heather, dead hydrangea heads, even empty seed pods – all these things can look stunning. And of course, anything with red berries, hips or haws. Bring it all indoors to let it dry out for a few days. Once dry, spray the plainest things silver (or gold or white, depending on your chosen colour scheme). Or leave them just as they are, for a wonderful Nordic look.

...to inside

Hang your bough directly above your dining table using hooks and strong cord. Position it just above eye level so your guests can still see the person opposite them! Decorate with our Grosvenor warm white LED lights and our lovely hand-blown Betty or Elsa glass baubles, remembering that less is more… It doesn’t have to be a bough. You could use our Fraser or Fergus Wreath instead, or simply wrap one of our pine garlands around an existing chandelier.

To create our sophisticated look, we used clear glass and silver baubles.
But what about…

  • natural wood decorations and soft calico shapes for Nordic rusticity (using our Aspen & Millie)
  • a Red & White colour scheme for cheery Scandi simplicity (using our Matilda, Nicholas)
  • a Woodland animals theme for the children (using our Nicholas soft fabric mice, doves and owls)

Laying the table

We’ve gone with a rustic look to enjoy the solid oak of the Arundel table top. But our lovely Emily linen tablecloth in Peat, Mist, Salt or Marine would look stunning too. Pile up a dinner plate, side plate and bowl at each place setting and nestle a trio (because odd numbers always work best) of baubles and snowy pine cones in the bowl…

There are so many ways you can decorate a place setting, so let your creativity shine!

Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • roll the napkin up and thread it through the cut-out shape of our Aspen decorations
  • tie a single bauble around each napkin (or give the adults a bauble, and the children one of our soft fabric decorations)
  • tie up cinnamon stick bundles
  • use foil-wrapped chocolate Santa or Bauble tree decorations

For placenames, write onto…

  • brown Kraft labels (or coloured ones)
  • Christmas gift tags
  • holly or ivy leaves (with a gold or silver pen)
  • iridescent honesty-seed pods
  • little chalkboard labels

Creating some drama

Arrange the dried foliage or flower-head sprays down the centre of the table with some chalky green succulents. Nestle among them some of our Cavendish or Holburn mercuried glass tealight holders. Position one near each place setting plus some extras in the middle.

Instead of using dried foliage or flower-head sprays down the centre of the table, why not try…

  • one of our pine garlands
  • a trio of wreaths with a candlestick in the centre of each
  • a scattering of snowy pine cones
  • three of our Kennington hurricanes filled with baubles to match your colour scheme

Seating comfy

Give your seating a Winter Wonderland look by adding white sheepskins and our beautiful velvet cushions for extra comfort. Creating a masterpiece of a dining table for Christmas really is worth all the effort when you see the surprise and delight on the faces of all your guests. It’s the perfect start to a wonderful celebration!

Shopping list

from Neptune:

Savoy warm white LED lights (100 lights)

Betty glass baubles - Set of 6

Elsa glass baubles - Set of 3

Luca snowy large pine cones - Set of 20

Belvedere small jar tealight holder

Holborn tealight holders - Set of 6

Greenwich white wine glasses - Set of 6

Ella tumblers in Clear - Set of 6

Bowsley tableware: Dinner plate - Set of 6, Pasta bowl - Set of 6, Bowl - Set of 6

Emily linen napkins in Salt - Set of 6

Emily linen tablecloth in Peat, Mist, Salt or Marine 175x250cm

Florence velvet cushions in Otter

from a Hardware Store & Garden Centre

2 large metal eyelets or 3M Command Damage-Free Large Bathroom Hooks or similar

2 lengths of narrow cord or rope

Can of silver spray

Garden twine