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your home this autumn

With the days drawing in, later sunrises and earlier sunsets have us reaching for the light switch. There’s nothing quite like a crisp autumnal evening to make us realise just how important lighting is when creating a cosy home.

Beautiful lighting can totally transform a room, make it feel more intimate and give our souls that much needed warming boost over the long nights ahead. Whether you are looking forward to hunkering down up with your favourite book or gathering around the fire with friends and family, you can be sure that the perfect lighting will only add to the experience.

But just how should you go about creating a warm, welcoming and well-lit space? Here are our top tips for gorgeous lighting:


Single doesn't mingle

When it comes to lighting, one type of light makes a room feel stark and unloved. Beautiful lighting uses a variety of floor lamps, table lamps, statement pendants and candlelight to create depth and interest.  Try pairing two of the same lights to create a sense of balance or mix and match a characterful floor lamp with a statement table lamp to make maximum impact.


Don't go overboard on overhead

Overhead or ambient lighting, like recessed down lights, are great for setting the scene but they should never be the only lights in the room. Chandeliers and pendants also count as overhead lighting, however, these can be used as statement pieces. Try hanging pendants lower than expected to create a more intimate effect.


Shadow is light’s best friend

The best kind of lighting mimics the dappled light found in nature. The way to achieve this is to dim ambient lighting and turn on mood and accent lighting. Mood lighting might be a floor lamp next to a comfy armchair, creating a welcoming reading nook. Accent lighting, like LEDs, can be positioned to call attention to architectural features like stairs, alcoves and beautiful joinery.


Lamp it up

Lamps are the magic makers – they create beautiful, soft pools of light that make a room feel wonderfully atmospheric. These are especially effective when used in pairs, either on console tables or side tables to create a feeling of balance and calm.


Covet candlelight

There is nothing more intimate than candlelight. Candles are a quick and easy way to soften the ambience and are especially effective when grouped together. Key to this is using candles of different sizes and positioning them at different levels to create a sense of depth. Pair with oversized hurricane vases or elegant candlesticks to add a touch of sparkle to a special occasion.