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layering up for winter

As the nights close in, we all want to make our home feel more cosy and inviting. In the same way we pack away our summer wardrobe and get out winter woollens and cosy boots, it’s time to think about swapping pale, lightweight furnishings and accessories for thicker, warmer, more richly-coloured alternatives. This isn’t modern-day consumerism – it’s practical housekeeping. At least 75 years ago, sofas in even the most modest homes enjoyed lightweight summer ‘slip’ covers. At windows, lightweight cotton and diaphanous voiles would have been replaced at this time of year by draught-excluding heavy velvets and jacquards. It’s just an extension of what we do already with summer-, spring/autumn- and winter-weight duvets. 

But no home achieves a total swap over all in one year. It happens gradually over time. Each autumn, something else gets a cold-season makeover until you own warmer alternatives (in weight or colour) for most of your soft furnishings… duvets; bed linen; sofa covers; cushions; throws; curtains; table linen; bathroom towels. These are the most obvious. Then there’s…


…Hard flooring – it’s stylish and practical but needs warming up in colder months. So a gorgeous rug in every room is a must at this time of year for softness, comfort and wonderful texture underfoot.

Lamp shades

…Lampshades – consider changing pale whites and creams for dramatic Slate or Damson (both have cushions to match); or our new Silver Grey Silk Lucile teamed with stunning Ermine/Spelt velvet/linen double-sided cushions.

…Beds – in bedrooms with a divan, a richly-coloured, smart box-pleated valance will add instant warmth (then think about a pale one for summer). Over time, consider a second headboard option that would give your bed, and bedroom, a totally different look come autumn.

Fabric by the metre

…Fabric by the metre. Get creative! Consider slip covers for kitchen or dining chairs; a double-sided throw of warm wool and heavy linen; a draught-excluding curtain for your front door in fabulous velvet.

Once these bigger changes are done, have fun with some smaller ones.