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where to shop this August

We love to shop. We have our firm favourites but we equally adore finding hidden gems and disclosing our newly-discovered secrets with each other on a Monday morning. So we decided to start The Guide – a monthly edition to our blog where we reveal our hush-hush haunts.

Share them selectively, you wouldn’t want just anyone finding out…

Edition #3

All about clean

July saw us launch our laundry collection. So we thought for our next edition of The Guide we’d make it all about the loveliest of cleaning cupboard essentials. A pleasure to look at as well as a pleasure to use, these are the brands that make household chores that little bit easier to bear. More than that, they make it a bit of joy.

For laundry:
The linen works

A few words
The clue is in the name. London-based brand, The Linen Works, are purveyors of the finest European linen wares and care. We love them for their pre-washed pieces from aprons to pyjamas but it’s their teeny tiny laundry collection that we’re currently obsessing over. Ethically safe and delicately fragranced with the natural notes of bergamot, vanilla and patchouli, the three core products (laundry liquid, fabric softener and linen water) make your clothes smell absolutely heavenly.

Product pick
The Meadow Flowers collection

visit thelinenworks.co.uk

For scrubbing:
Iris Hantverk

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A dustpan pan and brush has never looked so good, a broom so handsome, a scrubbing brush so stylish. With only 14 craftspeople in the company, Iris Hantverk is a brush binders who follow Swedish making traditions and appreciate the feeling of holding a hand-drawn brush made with natural materials.

Product pick
All of their kitchen brushes from special pan brushes to the cute mushroom brush

visit irishantverk.se

For lotions and potions:
Common good

A few words
We stumbled across this small initiative company a few years ago and were overjoyed to find they now have a stockist in the UK (anothercountry.com). Entirely ethical, we respect everything they stand for, namely green, biodegradable formulas, clean living and holistic ingredients that are all sustainably sourced and animal by-product free. Not only that, they smell scrummy and the packaging is chic and simple.

Product pick
All-purpose cleaner in bergamot, lavender, tea tree or coriander

visit commongoodandco.com

For vintage bits and bobs:
Labour and wait

A few words
This is such a gem. Established in East London’s market district, the team scours the world to uncover vintage finds made in the traditional way.

From hardware to clothing, we love it all but it’s their old-world household section that we fill our homes with.

Product pick
Housekeeper’s galvanised bucket

visit labourandwait.co.uk

For hard-working hands:

A few words
Not technically a tool for cleaning, but at the end of a round of housework we treat our hands to a little cleansing ritual to soothe them after their hard work. Cue the small batch, cold-pressed products from Liha. The creation of two close friends, their small selection of natural products all have coconut and shea butter as their bases and are designed to love, nourish and restore.

Product pick
Shea butter balm pot

visit lihabeauty.co.uk

More in September. See you then x