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The ones to watch

We don’t tend to follow trends at Neptune. Instead we try to transcend them by creating pieces that you’ll want to treasure forever. Every now and again though we find that our designs are in fact perfectly in tune with what magazines and blogs are touting to be the ‘the key pieces’ for the season. It’s a happy accident, a well-timed coincidence.

Within our autumn/winter collection there are a couple of trends that we’ve happened to tick. Colour is one area (see our colour chronicles blog), Crittall on the inside is another, but we’ve interpreted them in a way that’s enduring.

Below we explore three of the most talked-about interior topics right now, and how best to achieve the look with a little help from our newest collection.

Make room.

Not so heavy metal

Steel is having a real moment. Again. The super sleek and slightly industrial frames of Crittall windows have always had a bit of a cult following but in recent years they’ve gathered real pace. First Crittall took hold of city loft pads and warehouse conversions in places like London’s Shad Thames and now we’re beginning to see it used as interior doors and ceiling-to-floor partition windows in homes both contemporary and classic.

get the look

We’re big supporters of the Crittall movement. So much so, it’s what inspired our new collection of Carter tables. Take a look at the strong but slim steel lines beneath the solid oak table tops and you’ll see what we mean.

It’s all about the base.

(Although it’s also a lot about the top too. The timber tops appear aged but actually it’s never-been-used before oak that Neptune has taken through a seven-stage finishing process so it appears timeworn.)


Flowers will never fall out of favour but it’s indoor plants that we’re currently obsessing over. The deep, forest green tones of a house plant’s glossy leaves instantly lift a room be it pots of slightly overflowing herbs in a kitchen or a large potted Fiddle Leaf Fig in a spacious hallway. Plus they’re superb at purifying the air.

Rosemary large and small pots, Sage large and small pots, Thyme pot.

get the look

Just as with florals, we love to mix real with the make-believe. Instead of being used as fillers, more and more we’ve been grouping our life-like twigs and sprigs of Pittosporum and Laurel as standalone arrangements. Sometimes we’ll even just go for one leaning stem. Combine them with real leaves in different vessels around the room for added texture.

top greenery picks

The wife of one of our founders is our resident floristry expert. Here she ecommends her top picks for indoor greenery:

(choose faux over real as it
can make the water smell)
Artichoke leaves
Lambs’ ears
(for shallow arrangements)
Bells of Ireland
(but before they flower)

Castleford tall bottle and wide bottle in clear.

Boutique bathrooms

Matte black bathroom taps
Source: Pinterest

Luxuriously decadent and ever-so classy, this season’s bathrooms are all about classical elements reborn. The shapes are traditional, cue the steady rise of the old-world shower rose and high-level WC but we’re seeing them in polished brass, copper, rose gold and even sultry matte black from brands like Dornbracht. The materials are a little bit historic too. More and more, people are harking back to the era of the marble bathroom. Heralded for centuries (as far back as the Ancient Greeks), this delicately veined natural stone is being cut into geometric shapes to create a washroom that’s a little contemporary and a lot ‘cool’. 

get the look

Our new Kennett marble floor and wall tiles come in two of the most coveted geometrical layouts around – herringbone and hexagon. They look fabulous contrasted against one another to create the most beautiful sea of stone. Pair them with our just-launched, marble-topped Edinburgh washstand. Go for the his and hers, double sink option if you have the room.

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