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Time to decorate

Festive foliage

You may have heard us say, you may have read in one of our blogs, you may have guessed from our Christmas photoshoots, but the notion of woodland is something that underpins all of our Christmas scenes at Neptune. Like with everything we do, nature is what sits at the heart of our interiors and so you’ll always spy lots of timber, many a wholesome tone, and an abundance in texture in our festive collection. And when it comes to decorating our homes ready for the season, one of the first places we turn to is failsafe festive foliage...

The holly and the ivy

Greenery is the first place to start. And while we adore the classic companions, holly and ivy, we like to forage a little further than that. The glossy leaves of Pittosporum are an absolute favourite of ours all year long, but at Christmas, we team this verdant stem with clusters of red holly berries. We’ll place them in vases (or you can go for a pre-assembled winter bouquet like our Hestercombe which always looks the part) and we’ll use them as additions to horizontal arrangements that form to create boughs over doorways or garlands across mantels (but more on garlands later). By using them as filler pieces they help to add depth to your display, providing fullness and new additions of merry tone.

And don’t forget, it’s not all about evergreen leaves and crimson berries. Autumn may be forgotten by now, but the occasional, warming appearance of an oak leaf or two can provide a little lift to a predominantly green display, or, laced with twinkling fairylights in a tall vase they become a seasonal flourish that’s full of warmth. Go one step further with your woodland setting and use fallen oak leaves to create a bed to serve your festive feast upon. Lay them lengthways along the centre of your dining table and then simply rest serving dishes and platters on top, building the rest of your tabletop decorations around them.

Visit our flower shop for more ideas.

The more wreaths, the merrier

Every front door deserves a wreath. In fact, every outside door deserves one. If you don’t have an outdoor Christmas tree, the wreath can sometimes be the first festive reference to greet both you and your guests, before entering into your home.

The wreath doesn’t have to be confined to the, quite literally ‘out doors’. They can be brought inside to hang from key doors within your home, or hung from walls in pretty much any room. Our Creative Director, Emma Sims-Hilditch particularly likes to put one at the end of a long hallway as it’s a lovely thing to walk towards. Wreaths also make perfect centrepieces when a hurricane lantern is placed in the middle with a simple pillar candle inside. It means the humble wreath can become part of your dining table display, or, choose a smaller wreath and use the same idea on smaller tables within the home like consoles and side tables, or even on a kitchen island.

Take a peek at our wreaths.

Garlands of green

A garland is a staple of any Christmas interior. They’re endlessly versatile and act as an extension of the Christmas tree, filling our homes with the heart-warming feeling that once-a-year pine needles bring.

Pure and simple pine can be used on its own for homes that prefer a more minimal look, or you can build on it by weaving fairy lights through the needles. Or, use a garland that has berries so they’re already arranged for you (this can be particularly helpful if you’re using a garlands vertically such as around staircase spindles where it can be tricky to add other decorations into the garland for fear of them falling off). You can certainly get away with going over the top with green garlands but the key is to experiment and see what feels right for your home.

When it comes to using a garland horizontally, you can get a little more hands-on should you want to as you’re not having to fight against gravity. Multiple garlands can be used together to create real depth, or you can mix in some real-life foliage for extra texture. Pine cones can be tucked into the bristles quite happily, as can baubles to add a bit of sparkle (and as we mentioned earlier, fairy lights are a garland’s best friend). Mantels, tabletops, shelves, window ledges, door frames, framed art, dressers, chests and so forth are all perfect places for a garland to stretch out and sparkle.

View garlands.

Make life easier

We adore real greenery. One of our favourite Christmas activities is to go on a long family walk to forage for all things natural to bring home to use in our festive displays (head to page 13 in our latest volume of Stories for an article on precisely that. You can order your copy here if you haven't already). That being said, we're also firm supporters of life-like flowers and foliage. From sticks and stems to wreaths and trees, we've created a collection that's as close to the real thing as we could get, so much so that you have to get inches away before its secret is out. Sometimes life is too busy for the real thing. Sometimes it's just easier to go with the life-like option. And there is absolutely no shame in that whatsoever.

Frosted fir and twinkling twigs

These two are the smaller things that bring a little more character to your scheme. Frosted fir cones can be nestled into a garland (as above), they can be placed on a napkin, inside each person’s dish as a little Christmas motif, and they can be tumbled into a glass jar and used as a decoration in their own right – snowy, plain, little and large.

As for twigs, they’re a simple, understated addition to a Christmas interior that breaks things up with a touch of exposed bark, because festive foliage isn’t all about greenery. Go for taller, glittered twigs like our Amber ones that work particularly well in an equally as tall vase like Castleford. Or, smaller twigs like magnolia or willow are a little more bendy and so can be more easily incorporated into a bigger display.

View our Ludo cones, Amber twigs and more.

Albert 8ft Christmas tree. View our Christmas trees here.

The tree

Needless to say, the pivotal piece when it comes to festive foliage is the Christmas Tree. It’s the ultimate decoration. It’s the one that we’re all waiting for. Our Douglas tree is our life-like emulation of the Douglas Fir. It’s beautifully bushy and comes in a choice of sizes to suit rooms big and small, and to give you the perfect excuse to have more than one tree (we like to have a little real one outside and then the more practical Albert inside where it’s safe and warm).

We won’t suggest ways to decorate it though, that’s a tradition that’s true to every family and it’s one to be cherished, however you like to do it.

Meet Albert.

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