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Come one. Come all

You want: a place to cook, with everything you need around you. A place to entertain, so family and guests can all be in one room. A place to be with children, while they play or do homework and you dip in and out. A place to dine, from weekday suppers to special dinners.

They want: to spend all their time in there with you.


Once upon a time the kitchen’s sole purpose was to prepare and cook food. Centuries went by, decades came and went, and the modern home began to favour a more open-plan style of living. Kitchen, living and dining were better introduced to each other and we all learnt quite quickly that they get along rather well.

Whether you live in a new-build or period property, you can work with your home’s layout to create a kitchen that gives you the rhythm that best suits your lifestyle. It’s easy to focus solely on the bigger things when designing a kitchen – the style, the appliances, the worktops. They’re the building blocks, the bread and butter. The filling is what can transform a kitchen into a living space though. It’s the part that makes your kitchen feel intuitive, so it knows exactly what you need and when; it’s the part that takes it from a joy to look at to a place to be lived in.

The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to making the most out of your kitchen. These are what we consider to be four easy steps for starters though. They’re things we probably all think about, but perhaps fleetingly, not appreciating quite what their power is.

Four steps

Thoughtful storage

A larder keeps things in order. Allocate a role to each compartment and organise spices alphabetically so you can locate them with absolute ease.

Shelving is always practical but it’s also an area to show off. Position your proudest cookbooks with a potted herb acting as a bookend, treat yourself to artisan condiments and stack them to give a deli-style feel, rest seat pads, wicker wares and mason jars at different angles to keep the eye moving and the mind enticed.

Consider a plate rack to either display your finest crockery and keep it safe from harm, or use it to store everyday plates where they’re always easy to reach.

Choose nifty cubbyhole cabinets designed to look after bread boards, trays and to keep tea towels tucked away. It's a tiny touch that will bring everyday joy.

Versatile dining

A place to sit and eat can be worked into even the smallest of kitchens. A classic table and chair setup becomes your new dining area or just a place to enjoy breakfast. Go for an extendable table so you can welcome guests with not an ounce of stress.

Fitted benches let you get a maximum of people around the table and are an excuse to buy more cushions. They’re always a hit when used with dear friends and close family so you can all squish close together, and with willow baskets or drawers beneath, they’re a fabulous way to subtly sneak more storage into a room.

A kitchen island is left lonely without a few bar stools to keep it company. It becomes a table in its own right but somehow has a more social, easygoing feel to it, perfect for a friend to perch with a glass of wine whilst you cook or for children to colour in with you floating nearby.

For homes with the space, a deeply padded window seat or sink-into armchair is a lovely luxury to bring into the kitchen and will quickly become the most desired seat in the house.

Atmospheric lighting

From pendants to wall lights, position light carefully and bring a room to life. There are no rules, but we suggest using your kitchen for a few days and noting where you feel light is needed most. A kitchen island or dining table may call for swooping pendant lights to provide low-lying lighting that puts your signature dishes in the spotlight. Wall lights near windows are there to help when daylight begins to wane and floor lamps in a kitchen’s corner provide ambiance.

Comforting accessories

Hand-pick the accessories that best define your family. This part is all about making your kitchen feel welcoming and lived-in. Wicker baskets say humble. Their texture is inviting and their uses infinite (think bread basket, a place to store wooden rolling pins and spoons, a vegetable panier, or a place to stash overflowing herbs). Visible crockery, especially a teapot, states come on in and put your feet up. Glass storage jars crammed with goodies get the taste buds tingling and voluptuous vases beg to be filled with blowsy blooms – real or faux.

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