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A garden

that's ready for anything

One of our favourite things about spring is the promise of eating alfresco. Taking the covers off your outdoor furniture or dragging them in and out of storage adds an element of hassle that we could all do without. So choose designs that can withstand all the elements and let them sit in waiting through spring and summer months. Faring well come wind, rain or shine, and ready to serve at the drop of a (straw) hat.

Make every meal matter

Outdoor eating is something to savour. Mealtimes become longer and lazier, conversation seems to flow more freely, and the food somehow always tastes better. So whenever the weather is kind, step outside and make memories with every morsel.

Your morning bowl of goodness

Start the day comfy and curled up with a bowl of granola or a slice of toast and a dose of morning sun.

A lunchtime repose

From a weekend lunch with friends and family to a simple meal for one, surround yourself in greenery and sit yourself in splendour.

Time for tea

Instead of sipping your afternoon tea absentmindedly between tasks, take the time to pause and enjoy it fully with the embrace of an outdoor sofa (and ideally a slice of cake).

Supper with the stars

End every day you can on a high by having a slow supper under a blanket of stars.

Don't forget

your side orders