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Lay the table this Easter

Whether it’s Easter or indeed any special occasion, the way you present your table is an area which should never be underestimated or overlooked. Your table should wow guests on arrival, delight as they wait for food to be served, and be happy to take a step back when the meal begins, acting as a beautifully presented, seasonal backdrop. It’s a tricky balance to strike, we know, but that’s where the helpful insight of a stylist comes in handy. Cue Kasia, one of the most wonderfully creative souls here at Neptune.

It starts with a tablecloth
“For special occasions, I always pick a tablecloth; it just makes the whole look softer. There are lots of clever things you can do with a tablecloth but at Easter, I like to keep it simple by covering the whole table in one colour, preferably a pretty pastel.”

Place setting dos and don’ts
“A placemat can be a little too much when you have a tablecloth, a napkin is all you really need. Once you’ve used a linen napkin you’ll never want to use anything else. They have a lovely texture so they don’t need pattern to give them character. Keep it simple and rest polished cutlery on top tied together with a lemon-yellow ribbon. Or if you choose a simple centrepiece, you can afford to add a bit more detail onto each person’s plate. For our Easter shoot I made some miniature meringue nests filled with chocolate eggs to sit on each napkin. If you’re making our Easter pavlova, they’re even easier because you already have the meringue mixture made. Edible surprises on the table are always welcomed by grown-ups and children.”

A question of crockery
“White crockery never, ever fails. It works with any colour and really makes the food pop. Mixing styles gives a lovely eclectic look but I like my table to not appear overthought. I always choose one style with slight texture to give the white a lift (I adore our new Croxton range with its crimped edges and pinprick marks). I take great pleasure in seeing coordinating serveware and plates at a special time of year.”

Something to centre the eye
“A centrepiece is a must, but the way in which you do it is open to interpretation. The key is to keep the look balanced and fuss-free. For me, a grandiose centre section as well as decorated seats would be too overwhelming; things get lost in translation. My perfect Easter table would include some of our tumbled terracotta pots with a springtime bulb nested inside. I’d keep the style of pot the same, and the flower (any colour of hyacinth looks lovely) but I’d scatter decorative hens eggs across the table’s centre line in an assortment of colours for a bit of fun. Alternatively, a voluptuous vase stashed with willow twigs will certainly grab the eye, with eggs hanging from selected branches.”

By candlelight
“Candles are by no means essential but their presence will always be appreciated. Dress the area outside of your table with lightly scented candles so you’re surrounded by gently flickering light and the whisper of springtime fragrance. Or if you feel your table has room, take some pillar candles and position them symmetrically either side of your centrepiece: start with the tallest and work your way down to the shortest towards the end of your table. Of course if candles are what you love the most, you can make them the main feature of your Easter table by placing a scented glass candle within a twiggy wreath.”

If you’re celebrating Easter with a special meal, send in your Easter table images to
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