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Happening now: wool week

From the 10th-16th October it’s officially UK Wool Week. Now in its seventh year, the event celebrates all things woolly through a series of activities across the capital from the ‘Baaatique Hotel’ at Chelsea Harbour’s Design Centre to a special screening of Alex James’ new documentary: Slowing Down Fast Fashion.

Wool Week is the creation of The Campaign for Wool; a group that champions wool in all its forms and has HRH The Prince of Wales as its patron. They’ve put on more than 200 events across the globe in countries as far as Australia and China, and those closer to home like Germany and Italy, gaining support of leading fashion, interior and craft brands.

Reasons to love wool

It’s natural. 100% natural. By shearing or combing sheep, we extract the bouncy fibres that keep us warm and snug without the need of any treatment or help from man-made fibres.

It’s cosy. Wool has incredible insulating properties. Its crimped fibres trap the heat in, which is what makes it so perfect for winter warmth.

But it’s also breathable. Clever wool also lets the air circulate so that it’s surprisingly cool in summer months too.

It’s renewable. Sheep (or alpacas for alpaca wool and goats for cashmere) will keep on producing fleece, year after year, making it a renewable source of fibre. It’s also biodegradable.

It’s hypoallergenic. Great news for allergy suffers. Wool has a waxy coating that makes it anti-static and therefore is highly resistant to dust.

It’s tough. Woollen fibres can be bent back on themselves 20,000 times without breaking. Plus, the crimped structure means it’s elastic so can stretch and reform and time and time again. And thanks to its natural wax coating, wool tends to be more resistant to staining too.

Wool Week 2016

The activities that are being touted as this year’s highlights include:

Wool BnB
Guests will be invited into a cosy home filled almost entirely with products made from wool. Even the bedroom ‘wool-kin’ wardrobe will be filled with luxury woollen garments. The point of the demonstration is to highlight how living with wool can be beneficial, from tip to toe. Based in London, the Wool BnB will be used to open Wool Week.

High-street heroes
Stores all over the country will be taking part by showcasing woollen pieces in their collections, both in-store and online. Luxury retail outlet, Bicester Village, will have a total wool takeover and launch a pop-up wool boutique featuring brands including Pringle of Scotland and Brora.

Woolly hat day
On Friday 14th October we’ll all be encouraged to don our cosiest hats and raise money for The Mission to Seafarers (an organisation set up to support seafarers in difficulty across the globe).

For more details of all the events and to see what else will be happening, just click here.

Wool, here’s to you.