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Reasons to be cheerful about

New Year's resolutions

Our minds start the shift from Christmas to New Year celebrations sometime around now. We’re still feeling festive, that’s for sure, but between 27th-30th December we begin to ponder soon-to-arrive New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. How we might spend them, what to wear and the resolutions we will or won’t be making.

To be honest, we think resolutions can be a slightly negative start to the nice, fresh, new year that awaits us all.
All that emphasis on resisting, restricting and desisting – that’s just not how we like to do things.

We prefer to take a more easy-going and, frankly, realistic approach to New Year’s resolutions.
So prepare to lose the guilt and start your 2017 with an appetite for enjoyment.

Here are our six reasons why you are hereby absolved from setting yourself impossible goals for 2017. And we think you’ll have a much cheerier January as a result.

Relax – strict resolutions seldom succeed.
Just ask at the membership desk of your local gym, come 1st February.

Change happens naturally.
Not through brute force. And sometimes when we least expect it. If you get up and decide to walk rather than drive because the sun is out – great. Or add an extra set of lunges and squats to your workout because you feel ready – fantastic. Change is more lasting when it happens naturally, rather than imposed as a rule.

You already deserve a pat on the back.
Take a moment to congratulate yourself on what you’ve done well this year. Resolutions too often make us feel we’ve failed. Instead, reflect on times when you were a good friend, neighbour, parent, son or daughter. And consider the things that you feel you’ve improved on or that you’re proud of. We rarely give ourselves enough credit.

New Year is a silly time for resolutions.
Yes, it’s 1st January, but that also happens to herald to start of the soggiest, greyest two months of the year. Hardly uplifting and motivating. Instead, hunker down and enjoy the rest of this escapist season just a little longer. Follow nature’s example and wait for spring.

Save yourself for the sun lounger.
Some of the best lightbulb moments, business ideas and lifestyle changes have dawned while lying on a sun lounger. Relaxing by the pool on a summer holiday allows time to let your mind wander, create and dream. Many a successful idea has been mapped out on the back of an in-flight magazine on the way home.

Follow the ‘more is more’ approach.
OK, if you really must make a New Year’s resolution, forget cutting back and cutting out. We suggest you do more. Take a moment to think about what made you happy in 2016. And resolve to do more of those activities, see more of those people, take those long walks, enjoy those dinners and family moments. All the way through 2017.