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An ode to Sundays

The story that fuelled our autumn collection is rooted in Scotland. The isles and islands, mainland and maritime life, landscape and lifestyle. To open the season and to savour the cosying-up atmosphere that autumn brings, our minds went to that feeling of Sundays spent in Scotland…

   An ode to Sunday. No long lie-ins, duvet days, or recharging batteries here. Instead we’ll press reset and wake with the morning light. We’ll congregate with family and the closest of friends for a breakfast of warm oats, berries and whisky marmalade.

   Making modest packed lunches for the walk ahead, laying the table for later, and delegating to the shorter ones the prepping of the veg. Sustenance will be the only job on this day.

   And then, outside – come rain or shine. We’ll visit lochs and glens, and explore distant isles. The landscape will inform the colour, and the changing sky the light. We’ll head somewhere new and enjoy getting lost. There's nothing more godly than a good long walk.

   We spot our home on the last mile back – four sturdy walls protecting us from all but the sound of the wind and rain. The promise of log fires burning and blankets for wrapping await.

   Boots off, dog dried, kettle on, bottle open, meat in. 1hr 40min (plus resting) of relaxation by the fire as the light outside fades. And then, the main service of this day.

   As the window panes turn to black, curtains are drawn and the walls inside begin to glow. Now to enjoy a family meal. The main meal of this day.

   Clearing up is regimented with everyone taking part until every utensil, every pot and every pan has been washed and put to bed.

   And now, all that’s left is to rest and chatter. We’ll recuperate. We’ll repose. We’ll begin the end of our full systems restart.

   An ode to Sunday – the day of rest.