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Bats and balls at the ready 

Whether you spend your days at Neptune HQ or at our production houses in Qingdao and Foshan, we always think that the atmosphere is at its best when we’re all having lunch together. It’s busy, it’s animated and there’s always lots of laughter.

So, we decided it was high time that we tried to do a bit more together, starting with our first-ever, international Neptune Table Tennis Tournament starting 16th October.

All the details are below, from how to join in to the dates of the grand final.

It’s time to get your game face on.

Sign up

Neptune HQ: Sign up using the form at the top of the warehouse stairs

In-store: Contact Laura and we'll send you a Dining Table Ping Pong kit.

QINGDAO AND FOSHAN: Nick and Asbjoern will be pinning up a poster.


Tournament dates

Games begin 16th October

Quarter finalists drawn by beginning December

Finals to be held between 18th - 21st December