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It’s story time

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A few times a year, we release our interiors anthology – Stories.

Every volume is a limited edition. A collectible. One to keep on the coffee table or bookcase to dip in and out of and to come back to, time and time again.

And the best bit? It’s free to subscribe.

What’s inside?

In each volume, you’ll be able to read exclusive articles on all things interior design, decorating, home, and life’s simple pleasures.

Your home is about storytelling. And everything we do is about helping you to play narrator, gather your cast and set your scene.

Stories is a big part of that.

Stories & its
reason for being

By gathering together leading voices in the industry, we can share advice and ideas for you to mull over and to act upon, if, how and whenever you like.

They become stories for you to retell in your voice and in your home.

Volume 9 – now available

Our ninth instalment of Stories is here, ready for you to bring home.

Its theme this time is gathering. From advice on gathering colours to create a cohesive palette in your home with Kate Watson-Smyth, to understanding the psychology of the colour blue with Michelle Ogundehin. And from creating intimacy in your room layouts with Lauren Gilberthorpe, to recipes for bringing people together with the cooks behind our soon-to-open café at Neptune Bath.

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