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Chichester 5ft Sideboard

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A closer look at Chichester

The Chichester sideboard, like the rest of this collection, embodies what classic English design means to us. Its details – decorative mouldings on the door fronts and skirting – are traditional but simple enough to be timeless. So is the way it combines a painted finish with a solid oak work surface


Where the timber is painted, we’ve used tulipwood – a hardwood that has very few knots in its grain, lending it a high-quality finish. The exposed timber work surface though, is natural oak, with all of the knots and colour variations that are part of its charm (we’ve written more about oak’s qualities here).

The finish: paint

We take great care in achieving our painted finish and treat every design differently, giving it exactly what it needs to make it robust. We vary the number of base and top coats according to how many that particular shade requires. And we use a mixture of spray-painted and hand-painted techniques so the finish is as perfect as can be.

The finish: IsoGuard®

Chichester’s worktop is protected with IsoGuard®, our timber treatment oil that makes the oak easier to live with yet doesn’t mask its natural texture. It does initially darken its appearance, but our Natural finish replenishes the original colour.

Design detail

Raised beading on the door fronts, and a cut-out shape to the skirting hint at tradition. Chichester is also full of welcome little touches: runners hidden underneath drawers that close softly; doors that shut on chrome roller catches; and attractive (and load-bearing) zig-zag shelving supports. 

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Nur damit Sie Bescheid wissen

Die hier abgebildeten Farben unserer Farbpalette geben die jeweils echte Farbe recht gut wieder. Um einen tatsächlichen Eindruck von unseren Anstrichfarben zu erhalten, empfehlen wir allerdings unsere Farbtöpfchen.

Der Topfschrank Chichester ist mit den Chichester Griffen aus Eichenholz und Chrom erhältlich. Sie können also ganz individuell auswählen, was am besten zu Ihrem Raum passt.

Pflege von Chichester

Wir haben diesen Leitfaden über die Pflege Ihres Topfschranks zusammengestellt, damit dieser immer so schön aussieht wie an dem Tag, als er bei Ihnen zu Hause eingezogen ist.

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Exzellenter Kundenservice heißt bei uns, dass wir immer in einem Zwei-Mann-Team anliefern Das bedeutet, dass Sie keinen Finger rühren müssen. Unsere Mitarbeiter bringen Ihr Produkt an den gewünschten Ort, bauen es auf und kümmern sich auch um die fachgerechte Entsorgung der Verpackung.

No-quibble returns

Returns should be easy, that’s why we have a ‘no quibble’ mindset.

If you decide on the day that it’s not for you then our delivery team can take it away for you there and then. But if you’d rather mull things over, you have 28 days to make up your mind. We do charge a pick-up fee of £29.95 here though, because we’ll need to send our delivery team back out.

And when it comes to designs upholstered in a made-to-order fabric or painted in a bespoke colour, there’s also a 30% returns/cancellation fee. We’d love to not have to charge a penny for this, but as they’re made just for you, we can’t always guarantee that we’ll be able to sell them again.

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