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Pesaro 2 Seater Sofa

Ein tief gewölbter Rücken, sanft gewelltes Gewebe und weich abgerundete Kanten machen das Sofa Pesaro unglaublich elegant und komfortabel... Read more

A closer look at Pesaro

Ein tief gewölbter Rücken, sanft gewelltes Gewebe und weich abgerundete Kanten machen das Sofa Pesaro unglaublich elegant und komfortabel. Dank der hochwertigen wetterfesten Weide und des pulverbeschichteten Aluminiumrahmens eignet sich dieses Sofa perfekt für den Außenbereich, macht aber auch innen eine gute Figur.

Materials: all-weather wicker

While we love natural materials like rattan, we’ll sometimes choose an alternative if it’ll make your design live longer and your life far easier. Here, we use a woven resin fibre (which we call ‘all-weather wicker’) because it’s happy being left outside. From its appearance to its texture, it’s remarkably close to rattan too.

Materials: canvas

The cushions are made from a weather-resistant canvas, so that they needn’t be brought inside every time there’s a quick summer shower. They’re not weatherproof though – an important distinction – and so can’t be left out all year long or in pouring rain. The covers are also removeable so they can easily be cleaned.

Comfort & proportions

What’s most noticeable when you sit in Pesaro is how snug it feels, thanks to the high back. It also has back cushions that can be shuffled around to suit your seating position and to create more or less depth. These are filled with fibre (rather than the foam that’s in the seat) for even more softness.

Design detail

It’s quite often the little details that make a piece. It’s why Pesaro’s edges are neatly finished with a line of plaited weave, and why this material stretches down to wrap around the legs too. These end in discreet plastic feet though, to keep the wicker off the ground.

Will it fit?
Will it fit? View our guide
  • Width169cm
  • Depth91cm
  • Height91cm
  • Seat height44cm
  • Arm height73cm
  • Seat width150cm
  • Seat depth45cm

Taking care of your furniture

We’ve put together a series of guides on how best to take care of our pieces, so you can keep them looking as good as the day you first brought them home.

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