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Our make-it-your-own freestanding cabinetry collection.

Bespoke design’s something every home deserves. Pieces that are made just for your space, for your family and the way you live.

Which is why we designed Chawton.

It’s freestanding, so you can move it from room to room and house to house.

It’s bespoke, but in a way that’s easier to welcome into your home.

It’s adaptable, so you can build on it as time goes by.

Choose to span wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, opt for a sideboard now and a dresser later, create kitchen shelving for a low-beamed cottage or a bookcase for a sloping-ceilinged barn – with Chawton, the choice is entirely yours.

Keep scrolling for a closer look and to start dreaming up your own design. Or, head to our journal to read all about the story behind the collection.

Start with one of our sets – available online

Piece by piece - cabinets and accessories to add on