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Elgin Rug, Grey Oak

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A closer look at Elgin

Elgin’s the most textural rug in our collection, but is surprisingly soft underfoot. With its bold, plaited weave, subtle variations in colour and natural mix of materials, it’s the one to add to your room when you want a modern country feel.

The yarn

60% viscose and 40% cotton: two natural fibres (viscose is made from wood pulp) that are known for their softness. Cotton’s also strong, breathable and hypoallergenic, while viscose takes to colour better, so put them together and you’ve got one perfect duo.

The weave

Elgin’s weave is somewhere between a plait and a knitted jumper. And it’s most definitely on the chunky side. The direction of the strands means that some look matte and some have a slight sheen, which only adds to the sense of texture.

How we make it

This rug is made on hand-operated looms, so it might have small variations here and there in the weave. These are something to embrace as part of its handmade character though.

The colour

Grey Oak’s a mix of pale, dark and mid-toned greys, which makes it incredibly practical – the combination of shades means you’re much less likely to notice any marks that make their way on to it.

Design is in the detail

A simple overstitched border gives this rug extra strength around the edges. Underneath, it has a cotton and natural latex backing for even more durability and to stop it moving around on your floor.

Will it fit?
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  • Length240cm
  • Width170cm
  • Weight13.50kg

Just so you know

All our rugs will fluff up a bit when you first get them, but that’s especially true for Elgin. We think it only adds to its character, but if you’re not so keen, regular vacuuming will help.

Taking care of your rug

You want: easy-to-care-for pieces that you don’t need to tiptoe around. We’ve got: easy-to-read-through care guides that give you just that.

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