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Holborn 5ft Glazed Dresser - Natural

A closer look at Holborn

Holborn’s a dresser for the more contemporary home in need of extra storage space – or one that’s keen to bring in a powerful, design-led contrast to their dining room or sitting room. But it’s not so ‘of-the-now’ that it loses its sense of heritage and craft, being made from oak and having carefully inlaid diagonal panels of timber in the sideboard section to create a subtle chevron effect to add extra texture to your space. It’s a perfect partner to our Arundel collection.


Oak, because it’ll look more than good in your home. You can expect the odd knot here and the odd change in wood grain there – which is even more so true in the geometric sideboard. Oak’s natural character means no two dressers will ever look quite the same – but overall, it’s a well-balanced timber. On the panel sections, we use oak wrapped over hardwood ply, because it’s a technique that means you’ll get less timber movement.  


All of our oak’s protected with our treatment oil – IsoGuard® – to make it easier to live with. Think of it as a defence barrier, but one that you’d never know was there, so all you can see is the natural, honey-coloured oak.

Storage space

The Holborn oak dresser has two shelves in each side of the dresser, which divides it into three equal thirds. You can move them around to suit whatever you’re keeping inside though, but these proportions suit it most of all. The sideboard has a divider in the middle, giving you two compartments with an adjustable shelf inside each one. 

Design detail

Holborn has our Black-bronze hardware – a strong, dynamic contrast to classic oak. You’ll spy it on the vertical stile on the glazed dresser (together with the shelves, it gives it a look of a window pane) and on the tracks that the sliding doors run along, smoothly, quietly and bouncing soft to close.  

Design details

There’s lots of elements to this design that make it more contemporary. The taller, narrower height is one. The second is the ledge between the sideboard and dresser section that’s much slimmer than you’d get in Chichester, Suffolk or Henley. And the doors on each compartment that softly glide rather than opening out is a third. 

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  • Width :154.40cm
  • Depth :40cm
  • Height :203cm
  • Weight :174kg
  • Surface Height :84cm
  • Sideboard Door Opening :W68.5cm x H66cm
  • Sideboard Storage Space :W72.5cm x D32.5cm x H66cm
  • Sideboard Shelves :2 adjustable shelves
  • Dresser Door Opening :W68.5cm x H123cm
  • Dresser Storage Space :W72.5cm x H123cm x D23cm
  • Dresser Shelves :4 adjustable
  • Dresser Top Height :203cm
  • Dresser Top Depth :40cm
  • Dresser Top Shelves :4 adjustable
  • Dresser Top Door Opening :W68.5cm x H123cm
  • Dresser Top Storage Space :W72.5cm x H123cm x D23cm

Just so you know

Natural timber will always want to move. It’s going to expand and shrink as the temperature and humidity in your home changes, but there are specialist joinery techniques that can help to counteract the movement. And that’s exactly what we do, so although you might see a little movement in the timber over the seasons, it won’t change drastically.

Taking care of Holborn

You want: easy-to-care-for pieces that you don’t need to tiptoe around. We’ve got: easy-to-read-through care guides that give you just that.

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