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Hanover Cordless Lamp

How it works: power

Hanover’s powered by a rechargeable battery. When it’s at its brightest setting, it’ll last for eight–nine hours, and up to 20 hours when it’s at 25%. It’ll then take about five hours to charge back up again.

How it works: dimming

To switch between the four brightness options, just click through using the button on Hanover’s base, or hold the button down to turn it off. It’ll also remember which setting you had it on last when you turn it back on, in case you have a favourite.

Materials and finish

Steel, because it’s as tough as it gets, and nickel plating, because it won’t tarnish. Nickel also has a soft, slightly warm colour. It makes Hanover more on the classic side than high-shine chrome would, but not so traditional as brass.

The shade

The LED light is on the underside of Hanover’s shade, which is why this is nickel-plated too, rather than fabric. It also means that the light filters downwards instead of out the top or though the sides of the shade – perfect if you want to create a cosy pool of light or sit under it to read.

Will it fit?
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Just so you know

Hanover comes with everything you’ll need – from the battery to the charging cable and the LED bulb. All you’ll have to do is charge it up and turn it on.

You can absolutely take Hanover outside (in fact, it’s one of the reasons we designed it), just remember to bring it back in at the end of the evening or if it rains – it’s not weatherproof.

Taking care of Hanover

We’ve put together this guide on taking care of your lampstand, so that it stays looking as beautiful as the day you first brought it home.


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