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Long Island L Shape Corner Empress, Right

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A closer look at Long Island

Long Island’s our most laidback sofa, with its loose linen covers and soft feather cushions. Which is why we felt it would be just the design for turning into a corner sofa – plenty of space for the whole family to lounge, and a shape to encourage easy conversation. It comes in a few different layouts so you can find one to suit your space.

The frame

We build our frames as pieces of furniture in their own right, using solid timber and proper joinery over cardboard sections and staples. And we’ve secured the back legs into each frame with finger joints to make them as strong and long-lasting as possible. 

The filling

In the seat cushions, we’ve wrapped a core of soft foam with feather and fibre, which is kept in channels so it doesn’t move around too much – a little like a duvet. In the back, the cushions are filled with feather and down, which you can sink into but is easy to plump back up again.

The covers

You can zip off Long Island’s covers (each section in the corner sofa has its own) in case you want to change things around with a new set or, in the case of our Harry, Chloe and Finian linens, pop them in the wash. Don’t worry about having to place your sofa against a wall though – the zips are neatly concealed.

Comfort and proportions

As soft and slouchy as Long Island is, it’s also shallow enough that you can sit comfortably upright – though still deep enough to curl your feet up on the seat. And because the back and arms are quite high, and you sink into the seat, it has a cosy feel too.

Shape and silhouette

Long Island’s shape continues the feeling of relaxation, with a fluid arc to its side profile and gentle scrolling on its arms. It also has rolled back cushions (rather than boxed ones) to really emphasise its pillowy look.

Design detail

The covers are precision-made to the frame, but with a degree of looseness so that you can more easily take them on and off. Together with the kick pleats – stitched in place at each corner – it means that no matter how much you use Long Island, the covers will never fall out of place.

Will it fit?
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  • Width260cm
  • Depth290cm
  • Height81.50cm
  • Seat height49cm
  • Arm height59cm
  • Seat depth60cm

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Pflege von Long Island

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