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Olivia Sofa Bed

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Olivia Sofa Bed
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A closer look at Olivia

A sofa bed that doesn’t feel like you’re having to compromise, unlike so many that do – on the sofa or on the bed, on the function or on the form. Just a bit bigger than a double bed in size, it shares every detail that our Olivia sofa has, except for the skirted edge that hides the bedframe. It’s a design for homes that want to fit in an extra space for people to stop the night, but without anyone ever guessing it’s a sofa bed.


We build our frames as pieces of furniture in their own right, using solid timber and proper joinery over cardboard and staples. And we’ve secured the back legs into the frame with finger joints, so they’re as strong and long-lasting as possible. Just like the rest of the Olivia collection.

Filling-the base

Olivia is a soft but subtly springy sofa. It’s because the seat cushions have a core of firmer foam, which is then surrounded by feather, down and fibre, with the sprung surface of the bed base below. The base cushions are a touch firmer than the sofa or armchair though – it’s to make sure you can’t feel any of the bed when you sit down.

The bed

In our beds, we always use pocket springs and solid wood slats. But here, we’ve gone against all of our bed principles. A thinner mattress is a must (otherwise your sofa’s proportions will look odd), but it means you’d always feel the slats and the springs, making it feel poor quality. That’s why we’ve tested every combination to choose a high-quality foam mattress and a mesh base – the comfiest, most robust pairing for both the sofa and the bed.

Comfort and proportions

This sofa slopes back, is quite deep and has mounded seat cushions, so your knees sit snugly against it. Olivia also has a backrest that’s high enough to rest your head on, and size-wise, it’s more generous than a double, but not quite a king-size bed. It’s because the mechanism’s Italian. So be sure to use king-size bed linen with it. 

Will it fit?
Will it fit? View our guide
  • Width202cm
  • Height88cm
  • Seat height43cm
  • Arm height59.50cm
  • Seat width171cm
  • Seat depth60cm

Just so you know

The textiles in our fabric library range from pure linen to rich velvet and wool, and each one has its own character. Tone and texture can vary slightly from thread to thread, and expect to see the occasional slub in our linens. We’ve written an article about the personality behind each of our fabrics so that you can figure out which one best suits your home.  

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And, rest assured, all the feathers and down in our cushion fillings come from ethical, cruelty-free sources.

Taking care of Olivia

We’ve put together this guide on taking care of your upholstered pieces so that they stay looking as beautiful as the day you first brought them home.

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